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Traffic Lights Automation For Emergency Vehicles

EasyChair Preprint no. 3146

5 pagesDate: April 9, 2020


Now a days traffic especially in cities is increasing rapidly which causes high traffic jams at traffic junctions. Many times emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire engines got stuck in this traffic jams which leads to cause loss of lives or damage to public property. These vehicles should wait even though the remaining roads are free due to static sequence of traffic light. To avoid these problems, this proposed system provides a better solution by preempting emergency vehicles to reach their destination in time. The traffic light signals are monitored in way that it should give priority to that path in which the emergency vehicles lie.This can be done by collecting the GPS co-ordinate values of that vehicle by a node mcu from database and automatically a IOT device turn on the green light in that road.This can reduce the waiting time of emergency vehicles in traffic .And it is economically good to implement.

Keyphrases: database, GPS, IoT device, Node MCU, traffic lights

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