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Education communication in the vision of intelligent education

EasyChair Preprint no. 1475

7 pagesDate: September 5, 2019


The theory of educational communication is the theoretical basis of educational technology, and its content is continuously improved with the development of teaching media. With the advent of the "wisdom era," educational communication theory has also produced new changes. This study first introduces the theory of educational communication from the perspective of educational communication and educational communication system, and then explains the concept of wisdom education from the historical development and technical support of wisdom education. Taking the wisdom education environment as the background of the times, this paper elaborates the influence of wisdom education on the various elements of the education communication system, and proposes a new concept of education communication under the smart learning environment. Based on the above analysis, this paper gives the means to improve the effect of educational communication in the context of intelligent learning: improving the quality of information sources, playing the role of the recipient, eliminating interference and paying attention to the systematic design of the educational communication process.

Keyphrases: educational communication, Smart Education, smart learning environment, Technology

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