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Analysis and Research on the Node Space of Ancient Villages Based on Space Syntax

EasyChair Preprint no. 6396

24 pagesDate: August 26, 2021


This study takes Cuiwei Village in Qianshan District of Zhuhai City as an example. Through field research, the village is investigated and analyzed, and the street scale, spatial structure, functional characteristic streets, internal commercial distribution forms, and functions of Cuiwei Historic District are analyzed. Conduct research and analysis. On this basis, based on the convex space method and the line-of-sight analysis method in the space syntax theory, with the help of Depthmap software, the complex street nodes, namely the space of the two nodes A and B, are established through the establishment of a visual field model, including the integration degree of the visual field and the visual field Agglomeration degree, connection value of view field and spatial characteristics analysis of historical area, select the most representative traditional buildings of the village, namely Sanwang Temple and Webster’s Mansion. When R=N and radius R=3, observe the two buildings Changes in the two parameters of the integration of the horizon of the historical building and the depth of the vision. And with the help of Baidu Time Machine photos in different periods to observe and record the changes in stores and human behavior characteristics, the results show that: at this stage, village collaboration is poor, people are less recognizable in the village space, and people cannot use local perception to reflect the overall space. There is an obvious interface between the inside of the village and the outside world, the isolation is more obvious, the local comprehensibility is better and the global comprehension is poor. Field research and analysis show that although people can walk out of Cuiwei Village, they are always in a state of confusion and it is difficult to grasp the spatial form of the entire area. Therefore, the results of space syntax analysis are consistent with the results of field investigations.

Keyphrases: Ancient Villages, Baidu time machine, convex space method, field of view analysis method, Historical Locations, node space, parameters

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