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A Proposal for Genre Analysis: The AMS model

12 pagesPublished: February 23, 2017


Genres tend to be studied from analytical and professional perspectives. However, the study of genres can also be used for pedagogical aims in language teaching (Bhatia, 2002). Writing for academic and professional purposes as well as for scholarly publication is often challenging. Some novice writers may find difficulties when they work on new genres and fail to recognize the communicative purpose, organization of the texts and linguistic rules. This paper focuses on a self-developed model of analysis of multi-genre structures (AMS) which aims at determining the common features within a corpus of documents of the same nature. The objective of this AMS model is to help researchers determine the form of any genre related to the users’ personal or professional fields; this involves the study of macro- and micro-structures. This paper begins with a general review of genre analysis theories and connects with the use of suitable corpus linguistics software. Then, our model of genre analysis to carry out is introduced. At last, results on previous analyses are presented with the aim of explaining how to apply the AMS model and discuss their use.

Keyphrases: AMS model, corpus, ESP, genre analysis, language

In: Chelo Vargas-Sierra (editor). Professional and Academic Discourse: an Interdisciplinary Perspective, vol 2, pages 235--246

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