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ResourSim – Evaluating the end-user Device usage

9 pagesPublished: October 23, 2018


The optimization of apps on nowadays mobile phones, tablets and smart watches is mainly done with the focus on the energy constraints, i.e., the device battery lifetime. For some applications, this is adverse to their requirements and use cases like for back- ground communication apps without direct user interaction. The framework ResourSim, as proposed in this work, aims on evaluating and optimizing the usage of device resources regarding the requirements of background tasks and the human user. This is achieved by replaying usage traces from real humans and adding arbitrary background job usage pat- terns. Furthermore, it is evaluated, if a statistical battery model is suitable for reflecting the real battery behaviour in ResourSim.

Keyphrases: background service, Battery, Bluetooth, Device usage, human factor, mobile phone, opportunistic network, resources, WiFi

In: Anna Förster, Asanga Udugama, Antonio Virdis and Giovanni Nardini (editors). Proceedings of the 5th International OMNeT++ Community Summit, vol 56, pages 102--110

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