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Cognitive Informatics in Emergency Disaster Management Systems

8 pagesPublished: March 1, 2021


In this research, we investigated the dynamic assignment of resources in emergency and disaster management systems that assists rescuers and responding agencies in effective real-time coordination. We also proposed a communication framework architecture, a com- mon operating picture that keeps all communication activities among various stakeholders and agencies to manage emergency and disaster responses. This spectrum of activities is achieved through a comprehensive analytical emergency disaster management system that fetches locations using Google APIs geospatial data and infrastructures such as Google Maps. Also, we conducted usability testing by applying cognitive informatics principles to our emergency model. Such a model provides several services across several types of disasters and various locations such as monitoring emergencies and disasters, describing incidents, performing triage, accessing databases, analyzing the specific need of rescuers, and providing assistance within the professional role and jurisdiction status of every stake- holder member. We also found a few design issues in selecting the type of the stakeholder, limiting the data accesses to a few stakeholders, and filtering the historical data by triage codes.

Keyphrases: Cognitive informatics, Common Operating Picture, Dashboard, Emergency disaster management system, usability testing, visualization

In: Alexander Redei, Rui Wu and Frederick C. Harris Jr (editors). SEDE 2020. 29th International Conference on Software Engineering and Data Engineering, vol 76, pages 21--28

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