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Towards Efficient Metaquery Generator

9 pagesPublished: November 18, 2018


Metaquery (MQ) is a datamining tool for inferring relations between data items over a relational database. The concept of MQ leads to autonomous discovery of logical rules involving the database tables. A central module of any MQ system is the MQ generator, which automatically generates all possible MQs to be tested against a database. The MQ generator is supposed to work in an efficient manner, while not missing any meaningful MQ. In this paper we present an algorithm for MQ generation that works as a search algorithm in which the states are all possible MQs, and the search tree is pruned whenever possible. Preliminary experiments prove that, indeed, the approach we take leads to a significant reduction in computation resources.

Keyphrases: Data Mining, metaqueries, relational database

In: Gilles Barthe, Konstantin Korovin, Stephan Schulz, Martin Suda, Geoff Sutcliffe and Margus Veanes (editors). LPAR-22 Workshop and Short Paper Proceedings, vol 9, pages 49--57

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