Author:Valerii Sopin

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3SUM (kSUM) problem, A vertex contraction, An edge contraction, Beck’s theorem, Berkovich analytic spaces, Blow up, Bouquet of spheres, BQP, Bunyakovsky’s conjecture, Catalan’s constant, Chiral de Rham complex, coding theory, cohomologies, complete and subcomplete sequences, complete graphs, computational complexity2, computational geometry, configuration space, Conformal algebras, deformation, determinant, discrete Fourier analysis, discrete geometry, divisibility, Euler’s 6k + 1 theorem, Exotic n-spheres, Exotic smooth structures, Fermat’s theorem on sums of two squares, Fibonacci anyons, Freudenthal suspension theorem, General Position Subset Selection Problem, generalization, Graph complexes, Gromov-Witten theory, Hadamard codes, Hadamard conjecture, Hadamard matrix, Hilton's theorem, homotopy groups, IHX-relation, integer lattices, inverse limit, Irrationality, James and Hilton-Milnor splittings, knapsack problem, Kontsevich’s theory, Kronecker product, L_{\infty} algebra, Landau’s problems, Lichnerowicz differential, Mertens function, N = 2 superVirasoro algebra, n-Lie algebras, Nambu-Poisson bracket, Necklace polynomials, No-three-in-line problem, number theory, One-dimensional lattice, Pachner moves, Paley’s work, Parafermions, Piecewise-linear manifolds, Poincare conjecture, Poisson manifold, polynomial hierarchy, prime numbers, primes represented by polynomials, PSPACE, QBFs, Quantified Boolean Formula, Quantization, Rado graph, reconstruction conjecture, Redheffer matrix, Richter-Gebert’s Universality theorem, Riemann hypothesis, Riemann series theorem, Riemann zeta function, semi-infinite, series, Set Reconstruction Conjecture, sieve theory, simplicial complexes, spheres, square grid, statistical model2, Strong homotopy Lie algebra, Structure of sumsets, Subdivisions, Temperley–Lieb algebra, transcendental number, triangulations, Valuation, vertex algebras2, Wedge sum, Weighted simplicial complexes, Witt algebra.